Il Cacciatore (secret_savior) wrote in first_chair,
Il Cacciatore

I have an inquiry to make!

My friend, captain_kev and myself, desperate for money, have devised the idea of making marching band mascot plushies. He made one for my band back in the fall, which we have affectionately come to call "Red Reggie."

People have expressed interest in actually wanting one of these made for their own band, so we thought it'd be a brilliant idea to sell them. Now, my question is, would any of you be interested in purchasing them, or believe there would be an interest in the general band-geek public? Of course the plushie would be made to match YOUR marching band uniform, as long as you could provide an adequate picture of said uniform.

The materials for that particular one costed around $20 and the time it took to make was somewhere between 16-20 hours.

So, in the event that you would be interested, how much would you be willing to pay for such an item? $30? More? Less?

Being that Red Reggie was the first of his kind, of course improvements would be made immediately. But, in my personal opinion, the likeness of the uniforms were excellent.

Any cooperation/suggestions/comments on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated as we're...well, desperate, at this point.


P.S. This is X-posted to...every band community I'm in. Sorry if you see it more than once!
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