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I'm geeky, you're geeky, let's hug




Erm... clarinet, oboe, alto saxophone, marching baritone, occasional flute

The ones that ROCK. By that I mean Jazz band (hella yea), Marching band (*arm pump*), and Concert band (*polite enthusiasm*)

6//Contest Rankings
K, well, I've been on clarinet since 3rd grade, which is about 9 years now, so, um... I think I've done Solo and Ensamble each year, plus All City. First year I made Region was Freshman year (fish region), and I have since thought up every possible excuse to never go to another audition because, in case you couldn't tell, I'm kinda audition-ed out. O.o

Clarinet - first, Oboe - first, Saxophone - second (a small jazz band though), baritone - haha we have no real seating order in marching season. None of us stand still long enough to form one.

8//Favorite Tune
This year's marching show. XD It's from Cirque du Soliel... yea, it's hot. We all listen to it on our iPods and sing in French. And ESPN, cuz we play it every game and have alot of fun with it.

9//Favorite season
MARCHING liek, duh =P

10//How many hot band geeks are there in your band.
The geekier the better, but the hottest is my hott band geek boyfriend (over 2 years! ^_^):

^ titled: "Ghetto Band Hats", first year dating, sophomore year (2 yrs ago) ^

^ titled: "Ghetto Band Hats Pt. II", second year, junior year (last yr) ^

11//Fondest band memoirs...list three
Three?! K..
1// Disney World. Enough said.
2// Playing with the low brass for the first time (I just recently added baritone to my once brass-virgin instrument list. It's been aweeeesome)
3// My first jazz band gig (complete with kickass impro solo XD yea, complete beginner's luck)

12//How are you so geek?
See #'s 4, 6, 7, 8, and 10
I'm also in my school's only AP Music Theory class. Yay triads!
And I totally designed, made, and printed my band's yearbook (yes, we have our own yearbook) on my own.

13//VISUALS(i.e. pictures of yourself, two minimum! or you'd better give a darned good reason why you don't have any, if you don't. like a story. involving fish and swords, but not swordfish!!)
I like swordfish! I mean... yea. Well besides the one above, I have:

^ Me, out of band character ^

^ Me, at football game 2 years ago ^

^ My favorite shoes evah (hurt to march in though) ^

^ My band geeketts and me after the hottest practice of the year (heat index 115... if you can't take the heat, stay out of the band room! Haha) I'm sticking my tongue out, which is why I look funny (right side of pic) ^
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